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Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #226


OMIGOSH lookit what's happening!!

Victor is carrying the Carnival away! Hey Victor the Carnival is supposed to be here at our place this weekend. Bring it baaaaack!! Seesh the boy is fast... 'CCome on guys we need to catch hims! He has all of the carnival fun in his carrier and is takin' it away... Victooooor stooooop! VICTOR TABBYCAT STOOOOP IMMEDIATELY!

Must. Stop. Victor.

Arrrrgh this kitty is baad. *psssst* to find out where Victor took the carnival follow this link.

Astrid 13.07.2008, 23.00

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5. von Modulator

Friday Ark #200...

200th Edition!!! Whew, that's a lot of boardings. Thanks so much to all of you, past and present, who have made each boarding a unique and fascinating event. We'll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen...

vom 18.07.2008, 06.09
4. von Victor Tabbycat

Wen da beans is away, I can play!

Victor Tabbycats last blog post..Uh-Oh

vom 14.07.2008, 02.03
3. von Mind of Mog » BKCFoC Is Up

[...] a two in one. Victor Tabbycat snagged the Carnival of the Cats and brought it over to the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos for one huge megacarnival. Awesome [...]

vom 14.07.2008, 00.57
2. von Carnival of the Cats #226 — Carnival of the Cats

[...] Victor Tabbycat is wanted by the Carnival of the Cat Staff. He has taken #226 at Kashim and Othello’s Blog and hijacked it by dragging it away.  You can see the scene of the crime [...]

vom 14.07.2008, 00.25
1. von Sunday Noos » Cat Blogosphere

[...] momma tobed as it is nearly 2 am here we just wanted to let you know that the carnival of the cats ( and the bad kitty cats festival of chaos ( are both up [...]

vom 13.07.2008, 23.55
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